The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: A life long Journey

By Tom Chieppo, Posted on Wednesday, November 30 @ 10:20:19 Eastern by Anthony Severino

Ever go on a wild and mystical journey of battling behemoths such as dragons, vampires, bears, zombies, bandits, thieves, ogres, trolls, zombies, spiders, bandits, and many of the worlds evil incarnates? No!? Well, in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim the opportunity awaits on you on your gaming console to explore a new worldly age. It’s not like everyday that someone becomes a Dragonborn and lives to tell the tale about it. In essence, you get to prove yourself against all the dragons and find out if you have the skills of becoming a true Dragonborn and legend in all of Skyrim.

Moreover, building up your weapons, armor, enchantments, sneak, speech, blocking, archery, etc. are so critical because the foes don’t go down that easily and they are ready to rumble. Especially, Aludin, who is known as “The World Eater” all around Skyrim. Aludin is a brobdingnagian malevolent dragon who destroys the world periodically and wants to conquer Mundus for himself along with his dragon lineage. Aludin is the first-born of the Akatosh, elder brother of Paarthurnax can be very cantankerous, so don’t underestimate his true powers.  “Al ud in” stands for “Destroyer Devour Master,” according to I wouldn’t ask Aludin to be your pet, or companion for that matter in the foreseeable future because he will not obey your commands. Instead he will barbecue your entire body and then you will be well-done.

During the beginning of your conquest at Helgen, you are greeted  by a solider of the Imperial Legion known as Hadvar; where you escape the grasp of a dragon and slayed rebels of the Stormcloaks. He will ask you to join the Imperial Legion as one of over 200 quest in the game under General Tullius, who is the commander of the Imperial Legion, and military governor in Skyrim. Talk about an inauspicious meet and greet before you on the verge of being executed. Hadvar sure knows how to say hello and asks the, traveler to give him another chance of redeeming himself. Don’t worry you don’t have to do this quest right away, by resetting the gaming console. There are many main and optional quests to conquer in the game itself, but I feel every quest is optional.

In addition, you don’t want to get your hands caught in the cookie jar by the Imperial guards. These guys show no mercy when you commit a crime in a certain area. When a bounty is placed on your head depending on the seriousness of the crime you committed not only will the townspeople come after, but the guards will approach you as well. You typically have three options: Pay off your Bounty and avoid jail: Any stolen items will be removed, including items you stole while undetected. Resist arrest: Guards will attack you if you resist. If you escape, the bounty will remain on your head for that city or town, and guards will try to arrest you if you return. If you yield by sheathing your sword and dropping your guard, guards may stop attacking you, but they can still arrest you depending on your reputation. Go to jail and avoid the fine: If you go to jail, you can attempt to pick the lock at the jail cell and escape undetected. To serve your time activate the bed in your cell and you will appear outside when your time is served; your progress towards skill increases is lost depending on your sentence. There are so many clithridiate’s houses, treasure chests, jail cells, etc. You can lockpick pretty much anything at your desire as long as the guards aren’t snooping around from behind. POSTED BY WIL TAYLOR ON DECEMBER - 19 - 2011

Everywhere you go evil is sure to follow your respective character. Ulfric  Stormcloak: The Jarl of Windhelm and rebellion leader of the Stormcloaks assassinated the High King Torygg with the power of the Thu’um and killed him with his sword. Just like all the prisoners, who escaped at Helgen, Ulfric returned to power once again ruling his men through fear, selfishness, and greed. He gained the power of The Voice from the Graybeards as any Norm would do. Ulfric is a man, who can deliver a recumbentibus with his voice or any weaponry of his choosing.

Gaining trust is absolutely imperative if you want to survive throughout all your quests. One of the main characters you also gain loyal companionship is a person by the name of Delphine. She is the inn keeper at Riverwood saying that the Ale is going bad to Orgnar, the bartender and cook at the Sleeping Giant Inn. However, she is also a detective at Dragonsreach researching the movement and burial sites of all the dragons whereabouts in Skyrim. She escaped with her life several times from the Thalmor and was stationed at Cyrodill. Delphine is the acting Grandmaster of the Blades faction and one of the last remaining members operating in Skyrim. Meanwhile, Delphine is also searching for the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller and you receive a brief note from her as she awaits in the attic room for your arrival.

You can earn gold in numerous ways, but it can get very tiresome at times. The best way to get gold is to become a xylopolist and you can speak to Hod or anyone one of the workers in town that allows you to sell firewood to them. The gold is unlimited and you can keep chopping up wood to increase your overall amount. It takes a long time and it is a very tedious process to buy houses, weapons, armor, enchantments, potions, ingredients, and so on.  The property is limited in the game and it just cost so much to acquire. Unless, you know all the cheat codes such as the invisible treasure chest at Dawnstar where you can get 750 gold numerous amount of times.  Without using cheat codes, getting gold does take up a lot of your time. I understand you also can get the Book of Oblivion, or getting 5,000 gold back from Proventus Avenicci, who is the steward of Whiterun and is the father of Adrianne Avenicci. I wish gold would be more easier to obtain and not take too long. Make sure that you keep on trading with merchants, and other traders to get better items, enchantments, weapons, and more right away because they will sell their stock items to someone else before you know it.

To put this matter into perspective, you can select up to 10 playable such as: Altmer (High Elves), Argonian (Saxhleel), Bosmer (Wood Elves), Breton (Manmer), Dunmer (Dark Elves), Imperial (Cyrodils), Khajiit, Nord, Orc (Orsimer or Pariah Folk), and the Redguards (Yokudans). I just wish that some of the races were different and get to choose races like Giant, Vampire, Dragon, Bandit, Zombie, races for instance to make the game more compelling.

Skyrim is an action-player world open single-player mode game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks and it was released on November 11, 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PS3, and Xbox 360.

To conclude, I would give Skyrim a 9.3 out of 10 for astonishing graphics and outstanding story content. What I didn’t like about the game was that the property cost too much and the gold can be very difficult to obtain. There could be more races developed instead of playing the game with all the same features attach before you start your conquest against the deep dark jungle of mother nature. I would recommend this game to anyone, who likes bloodthirsty gothic war games not only for the Skyrimer fan’s, but also everyone in general. Therefore, I would definitely buy this game and being a hardcore video guru gamer fan that I am you will enjoy the game right away so Kudos to Bethesda Game Studios and Softworks for making the continuation of the Oblivion series a blockbuster hit.


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